Transmission shop in Chattanooga

HI-TECH Transmission Auto Center
HI-TECH Transmission Auto Center Reviews

Review: I took my car to Hi Tech for a transmission repair, converter repair, valve gaskets, oil leaks, new front axles installed, a new shift change cable, head light repair and cooling system repair and some other things.I was gone on a trip and left it with Jason for a week. Jason would call at least once every other day, sometimes 1 or more tines a day to inform me of what was going on and ask permission to do certain procedure and the cost, that we had not discussed. This was most unusual for servi... Read More

AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care Reviews

Review: My wife and I were on our way from Florida back to Canada when our Nissan Rogues transmission gave out near Fort Payne AL. We had our car towed to the nearest Ammco shop in Chattanooga TN. Dan came out to the tow truck and my wife explained the problem. Another shop had worked on the transmission and we needed it to be looked at. Dan took the car in and had it checked it out. It became apparent that we needed a new transmission which is not a good thing when you are over a 1000 miles from home.T... Read More

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