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Yonkers Auto Center
Yonkers Auto Center Reviews

Review: This is really going to sound crazy but I was coming home from the city very late and didnt realize that my car was running on fumes. Luckily, I got off at Yonkers Avenue from the Cross County Parkway, from the Saw Mill and found this gas station opened. Thank God and of course Mobile Gas too. There should be signs on the Saw Mill River Parkway to indicate that this gas station is here. Too bad the entire place was not open 24 hours, because I would have purchased something to eat or drink. Im r... Read More

Central Tire & Auto Repair of Yonkers
Central Tire & Auto Repair of Yonkers Reviews

Review: The company I work for had vans that needed to be serviced as they havent been in about a year. I researched this company as good trustworthy mechanics are hard to come by. I had each of my vans dropped off and I gave specific instructions to James to go over tooth to nail and let me know how much it will be to get this van in pristine fully working condition. After everything is said and done we spent about 8k getting our vans serviced. But each time we went to pickup our vans there were new is... Read More

Mc Lean Auto Shop
Mc Lean Auto Shop Reviews

Review: McLean Autos is an AWESOME company!As someone who doesnt know much about cars, it is always a bit intimidating walking into a new place to get work done on my vehicle. I moved to Woodlawn about 4 years ago and have been to McLean Auto numerous times since moving in.I cant recommend this place enough. Mike and his team are some of the most honest people I have ever dealt with. Unlike many other auto mechanics, they have NEVER tried to get me to fix unknown issues at a high cost. In addition, they... Read More

G & J Auto Repair
G & J Auto Repair Reviews

Review: The owners of the Malayalee auto workshop did a very good job giving my car an oil change at a reasonable price, and also for filling my tires at no cost, and giving us windshield washer fluid for the windshield wipers at no cost as well. The owners have done an extremely excellent job. Very few car dealerships are playing it by the book, and are not charging you more for things that you didnt ask. I Highly Recommend This Place to anyone who wants to take his/her car repaired!! Read More

McLean Auto Center Corp
McLean Auto Center Corp Reviews

Review: Charlie is the most honest and competent mechanic I have ever had.My car was badly damaged during a recent flash flood. I had a hard time starting it but when it did start water came pouring out of the tailpipe. I was able to move the car a few feet but every warning light came on so I just left it and the next day the battery was dead. Charlie took care of everything from start to finish. He even had my car towed for me when I couldn’t be there.Charlie diagnosed the car In the hope that it coul... Read More

Jeco Automobile Repair
Jeco Automobile Repair Reviews

Review: Im from Canada. Had just arrived in town and had an issue with my brakes making noises. I quickly googled mechanics in the area with high ratings and called up Jeco. Owner said he could take me right away. I drove over, and the owner quickly diagnosed, gave me a fair quote, and serviced my vehicle quickly - while it was raining! Hard-working, honest, friendly, and fast. Im lucky I found them! Read More

C&R Of Yonkers Inc. Auto Repair
C&R Of Yonkers Inc. Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I took my car to this place going by their rating. I took my car to fix check engine light Code P0325, when drop off my car this was the only issues my car had. An hour later, Carlos “owner “ told me the charges will be $550 to fixed that problem. Hours later when it was time to pick up my car, Carlos called me saying he encounter another problem with my car and that another check engine light came on when he was test driving, he asked for me to pay an additional $150 for the piece that he had t... Read More

Hughes Motors Auto Repair
Hughes Motors Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I really wanted to like this place because of all the positive reviews it had. I came here three times. The first time I came it was because my car’s engine light came on. They checked my car and told me that I had to change the temperature sensor, gauge and thermostat. The price they came up with was hefty. I did it anyways because I needed my car right away and I did not want to spend time looking for another auto shop. I’m not very familiar with the prices or anything related to cars. The sec... Read More

City Limits Auto Center
City Limits Auto Center Reviews

Review: This lady sandra was definitely the worst customer I have ever done business with. She doesnt mention that she was stuck in the pouring rain with her son unable to drive home she was treated with great customer service and was also given a great price for the work done.Her car needed a wiper motor,wiper transmission,wiper arms,2 new wipers, windshield wiper fluid, 3 quarts of motor oil, air in tires, cleaned the fire wall full of 10 pounds of leaves, coolant and a couple of other things. She was... Read More

A Plus Auto Service Center Corp.
A Plus Auto Service Center Corp. Reviews

Review: I came here for a flat tire because I was one block away. They told me that the charge will be $25.00 dollars which I find is on the expensive side, but still I decided to do it and just fix the problem. After he removed the screw from my tire, I see he is ready to place a plug on my tire and I asked him to stop, I never use plugs on my tires. Then he tells me if what I want is a patch, that will be another 10.00 dollars for a total of 35.00 dollars. I believe, and this is my opinion, that I was... Read More

L & S Auto Repair Inc
L & S Auto Repair Inc Reviews

Review: If you are looking for great mechanics to work on your car, your search ends here.L&S Auto Repair is the place to go!!Angel and Nick have worked on all my cars for almost 15 years and I have always been satisfied with their level of work. They are honest, reliable and extremely informative to help you understand your cars needs and provide the best solution for repair. They value their customers to ensure they leave 100% satisfied. You wont regret coming here for your automotive needs.Thankful f... Read More

Dcp Auto Repair
Dcp Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I made my reservations about two weeks ago and at that time the person on the phone asked me for my credit card information to be able to keep the confirmation but that the card was not going to be charge anything because I had mentioned that I will be paying cash. On Sat 27th of June 2015 I picked up the truck along with my brother all paperwork was finished and the lady helping me asked me again for my credit card information which I found strange because I had already given that info when I f... Read More

Yonkers Central Energy Services Inc
Yonkers Central Energy Services Inc Reviews

Review: Tried makin an appointment for a photo inspection for a WEEK and couldnt do it. First tried on a Tuesday, they said it was raining so they couldnt that day I understood that so I asked if they could make an appointment for the next day, they said it has to be the same day. Next day I tried and I got the same excuse, but it wasnt raining, I know because I work literally a mile away. On Thursday I called at 9:00 to see If I could get the appointment and they said the inspection guy wasnt there yet... Read More

Capin Auto Repairs
Capin Auto Repairs Reviews

Review: I recommend Capin Auto Repairs to all my colleagues. He and his team are exceptional! I have been a loyal customer of this shop even before Capin bought the shop from Joselito and he was just a very good auto mechanic. His evolution from mechanic to owner, makes me proud and happy for him. His prices are reasonable and he and his staff are gentlemen. If you need good and honest repairs, run do not walk, run to Capin Auto Repairs. With that said, I have been checking since the pandemic and have g... Read More

Affordable Auto Repair
Affordable Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I’ve been in NYC for almost 9 years and have been to many garages. I only wish I found this place sooner. The men who work here are beyond kind and communicative. Their prices are beyond fair. And the service is A+. If you’re reading this review, it is probably because you need your car looked at. Call Affordable Auto Repair… now. You won’t regret it. Read More

classic auto repair
classic auto repair Reviews

Review: I took my Ford Ranger to this shop because it was near my house and I had less than satisfactory experiences with other mechanics on Yonkers Avenue. The Ranger was spewing steam from under the hood and would not hold coolant for more than a short drive. “Caco” put a pressure test on the cooling system and determined that the thermostat housing was the culprit. He quoted me a repair at $450 because the housing according to him was difficult to get to and the parts were so expensive. Not knowing m... Read More

Westchester Auto Glass Inc
Westchester Auto Glass Inc Reviews

Review: I took my car here in February. One morning before work my right side window slid down and would not go back up, so I was desperate to find someplace that could fix it. Obviously with glass in the name and the high rating I figured they would be the best place to go. I very much regret that decision now. I asked them to repair the side window I also had a crack in my windshield and figured I would get that repaired right away as well, plus an oil change. I made a deal and left my car there. As s... Read More

Njs Auto Repair
Njs Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I dont recommend this place for nobody , I recently have a bad experience , I pay $200.00 dollars to fix my car bring home car still with the same problem, I brung mi car for the second time pay $400.00 dollars for them to fix it .I take my car home and the car still not working parking in front of my house for days. They never fix the problem in my car , now I have to bring my car to another place and spend more money to fix my car . Read More

S & J Service
S & J Service Reviews

Review: The shop has been around for a number of years, though Im unfamiliar with the previous owners. The new owners brought their existing business and have did a great job of servicing both customers of the old legacy shop as well as loyal customers that followed them from their old location. Ive been dealing with Frank and John for going on at least ten years at this point. They knowledgeable and fair. The sad reality is that auto repair is seldom cheap, sometimes involves trial and error to rule th... Read More

Yonkers Discount Tire
Yonkers Discount Tire Reviews

Review: I went in because my car inspection was about to expire that day and I was well into late afternoon to make it to my usual place. I quickly googled and led me to this location, a 6 minute drive from Ridgehill Mall. We call before and the man on the phone didn’t seem too warm and just warned that if we don’t arrive before 4:30, he cannot do it. Fair, since they close at 5 pm, even though an inspection for a 2 year old car takes no more than 10 minutes. We arrive and there are two guys, one older ... Read More

Los Poblanos Auto Repair
Los Poblanos Auto Repair Reviews

Review: This was originally a 5 star experience, before I noticed something was wrong with my car after my repair was completed. There was an air bubble in my coolant system that was causing my car to overheat, and I contacted Los Poblabos several times over the course of two weeks to make an appointment and it kept going to voice-mail.I ended up getting it fixed somewhere else for more money when I shouldnt have had to. Read More

Advance Automobile Repair Center
Advance Automobile Repair Center Reviews

Review: If i could give this place 0 stars i would. They sell used tires but that are probably worse than the ones you already have on it! in 3 days the tire caught a flat and when i went back to tell them they sold me a horrible tire, they acted as though it wasnt them. Claiming they never saw me. There was a cleaner who does the dirty work and claims he doesnt know anything. Worst tires and worst place ever!!! 😡 Read More

Blulift Automotive
Blulift Automotive Reviews

Review: I took my car to make an oil change and fix a tire that was being drained, my car would be perfectly when I take it and suddenly the mechanic tells me that I have to take it as soon as possible because it had a sound when braking and bending the guide, which was not when I took the car. Well, in the end it turns out that when I looked at my car I found out what it was ringing I realized that one foot that I had bought new they were forcing me to return to fix it because it was supposedly damaged... Read More

First Class Auto Repair
First Class Auto Repair Reviews

Review: Hospitality towards minority needs work! The only thing to think after reading these comments as well as, the experience i had... I dont want to use the R word but... Ill leave it right there. How i was ignored on arrival after saying hello 2x, then after finally being acknowledged, was told very aggressively, it wasnt an appointment that was set, well get to you. The closest location my insurance had suggested, was the only reason I went to their establishment trying to get my photo inspection ... Read More

Claudio Automatic Transmission
Claudio Automatic Transmission Reviews

Review: Before I was able to make it to Claudio’s auto transmission I have had already stopped by five shops where some of them told me it was a motor mount it was my catalytic converter it was my transmission it was the AC compressor and when I got to Claudio‘s transmission they guide me in the right direction the worker Junior took my car for a test drive and told me exactly what it was told me I could get the parts myself or that he can order them and get it done for me within a day or two. Not to in... Read More

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