Auto repair shop in Chattanooga

State Line Auto Service
State Line Auto Service Reviews

Review: Took my car here in June 2018 for a new transmission after breaking down on vacation from Atlanta. Got the car back a week and a half after I was supposed to and took it home. Not even 3 weeks later, the ‘replaced’ transmission fails. Tracy Matthews had someone come pick it up and I haven’t seen it since. That’s right folks, TRACY MATTHEWS STOLE MY VEHICLE. I haven’t seen it since July 2018, 5 months. I trusted Tracy as he said to me he’d “take care of me”. He threw all kinds of BS at me, about ... Read More

Maxi Auto Service Center- Lee Highway
Maxi Auto Service Center- Lee Highway Reviews

Review: I took my 2010 Ford F-150 here about 2 weeks ago to let them look at the Air Conditioning. They called me back later that afternoon and told me that after they hooked a vacuum up to the compressor that I needed a new A/C compressor along with some other expensive parts. The most expensive thing that could go wrong did go wrong. Before giving them the $1400 to fix it as they tried to push me for, I wanted a 2nd opinion. I took it to Marshal Mize Ford in Hixson where I bought the truck. After they... Read More

Rivermont Auto Service
Rivermont Auto Service Reviews

Review: Scammed me out of $400 for the car to break down 10 minutes after I got it off of their lot. Do not trust.I had to have my car towed to their shop after engine troubles and eventually losing the ability to crank the car. I had it towed to their shop and was informed about the lock cylinder needing to be replaced. I said okay but questioned them on the engine troubles. I let them know I thought it might be serious and didnt want to spend a lot of money if the car wasnt going to run properly. I wa... Read More

Maxi Auto Service Center- East Ridge
Maxi Auto Service Center- East Ridge Reviews

Review: I went in to get the check light tested on my van because it wouldnt go thru emissions with it on. For a diagnosis, I was told the board needed to be replaced and programmed for the check light to go off. Ok fine. I was also informed that there was a coolant leak (which I was previously not aware of). The cost to fix that was a couple hundred dollars. I didnt have the money to get the board (which was over a grand) but I did tell them to go forward to fix the coolant leak. Fast forward four days... Read More

Maxi Auto Service Center- Red Bank
Maxi Auto Service Center- Red Bank Reviews

Review: Customer service.... not that great. Totally unprofessional, in my opinion.My AC went out. I already had this looked at and was told it was the compressor.I started searching online, and found this place. I called and specifically told him that I had my car looked at and that it was the compressor. Specifically asked him if that was something they could do, and if so, if I needed to make an appointment. I was told that yes, they could do it and that I could go ahead and bring my car in. So I did... Read More

Express Tire and Auto Service
Express Tire and Auto Service Reviews

Review: Not good customer service. Didnt want to take time to find my problem and fix it bc he had other cars waiting. Rushed me off without fixing my car. Total waist of my time. I took my car somewhere else and I had no problem. Im totally disappointed in Goodyear Express. The manager was very rude to me, told me to come get my car bc I was aware that he was pushing my car out of the way to get to the next car. He didnt want to fix my car, but He tried to sell me some tires and I didnt want them. Then... Read More

Dunson Auto Repair
Dunson Auto Repair Reviews

Review: He was suppose to fix a oil leak and see why my car was driving sluggish..Well when I picked my car up he couldn’t explain exactly what was did to my car not to mention the fact that he got me and someone else ticket mixed up so I was charged $454 for just a oil leak fix which was supposedly coming from the adapter gasket.. Part was $18 was charged $127 For the labor fee then on top of that charged $85 for another fee which also wasn’t explained to me i was told “the description is right there”.... Read More

O. K. Auto Service Inc.
O. K. Auto Service Inc. Reviews

Review: There is a saying, you can never put a good man down and i see a lot of good reviews here for this company. But listen to my story and feel what im feeling right now. Took my truck to this shop for a repair, its still running just need repair coz its not running good, waited for a week before they even check on it and then it took them another week to work on it. Monday came they call us to pick up the truck coz its ready and our bill is less than 1800, when we arrived at the shop they told us t... Read More

Blakney Auto Repair
Blakney Auto Repair Reviews

Review: My car broke down and i was referred to Blakney. The gentlemen at the desk was very friendly and professional the entire experience. In comparing their prices to my families long-time trusted mechanic across state, Blakneys prices were comparable. I found them to be honest, helpful and quick. Understanding of my situation. I would highly recommend them and glad to have found an honest local mechanic. Read More

Maxi Auto Service Center- Broad Street
Maxi Auto Service Center- Broad Street Reviews

Review: I regret taking my vehicle to this shop. When my transmission failed while driving from Wisconsin to Georgia, I brought my pickup to Maxi Auto on Broad Street. The manager, Brian Spears, offered to install a new transmission and coolant lines for $3K, instead I got a junk used transmission that was admittedly improperly installed and broke down the next day, stranding me 1100 miles from home. After repairing my transmission, it broke down a second time on Interstate 24, stranding my fiancé and I... Read More

Certified Auto Repair and Sales
Certified Auto Repair and Sales Reviews

Review: BEWARE!!!!.... I bought a car from them and 2 days later it was in the shop. After fixing it the first time it went back to the shop 3 days later and the mechanic said all the problems are due to wires been severed in many places due to the car being welded back together and was all covered up by the battery. He said the car is not safe for my 18 year old daughter to drive. And that we would always be fishing for severed wires and fixing their mistakes. Called them to see if they would make good... Read More

Downtown Automotive Inc.
Downtown Automotive Inc. Reviews

Review: I cannot rate this place of business any higher! I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman that came to our rescue. The most kindest man you will ever meet. We were enroute to Chicago and were staying at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and somehow I had misplaced my rental car keys.I was devastated and upon his arrival he immediately tried to calm my worst fear.. that the key had been dropped and picked up by a passerby. He helped me search endlessly but to no avail. He was then forced t... Read More

Fastech Auto Service and Motorsports
Fastech Auto Service and Motorsports Reviews

Review: First off let me start with saying there isn’t anything fast about this business. I wasn’t going to write this review but it has been almost 3 weeks since I got my car back from this place. I took the car to get 4 brand new tires put on and I knew it was going to be hard seeing the fact they are extremely low profile. Most places say no I can’t do it but here they said they could. I went to this place from a recommendation from a co-worker that knows the owner Brian personally. I regret this dec... Read More

Lexus of Chattanooga Service
Lexus of Chattanooga Service Reviews

Review: How you treat people matters & Lexus of Chattanooga made me feel like family. World class service (thank you Ryan Kennedy!), professional, efficient, quick to respond to concerns... they make you feel like you matter... like family!!It’s the middle of a pandemic and we’re all trying to find ways to not go stir crazy in our homes. We rented a cabin at the top of a mountain in north Georgia to find some peace in this crazy time. Drove from Houston TX to Chatsworth GA. Got settled in, had a 9 foot ... Read More

Hamilton Automotive
Hamilton Automotive Reviews

Review: The 2 men at Hamilton Automotive & Machine are scam artist. First they took my car and slammed it into their ceiling, both scratching the roof and denting it. Second they 3 times now, have claimed to replace the 02 censor, but the check engine light remained on. After taking it to a quality mechanic, it was never done correctly at all. The men yell at their customers, and work behind closed doors with no windows. There is no telling what they do in there. Most likely they break more things to ca... Read More

Toyota Service Chattanooga
Toyota Service Chattanooga Reviews

Review: I went to do oil change service of my car. They took me in at 12:24pm and told me it will take one and half hour. I said ok I am waiting. So he knew I was waiting. At 2:30pm when I saw it’s been 2 hours I went to the desk to check if it’s ready, the guy who took me in was at lunch and paper was still at his desk. They didn’t start working on my car. So I wasted 2 hours for his mistake.Other guy from the next desk said I will see what I can do?. What I feel is, they don’t care about your time and... Read More

Belk Import Auto Service LLC
Belk Import Auto Service LLC Reviews

Review: I normally do not take the time to review companies. However, I feel like if I don’t let people know about the experience that I had, it may happen to them or their loved one. I went to them after someone recommended them and spoke very highly of them. I was 90% sure my brake light switch was bad and needed to be replaced, so I let them know to check that first to help save everyone time. The brake light switch ended up being bad and needed to be replaced, but they didn’t have the part. No big d... Read More

May Bros Auto Repair
May Bros Auto Repair Reviews

Review: Davy has been my go to mechanic for the last 5 years living in Chattanooga. Always been honest and taken care of us with our Jeep and Hyundai vehicle repairs. Because of their labor costs being less than other shops, they tend to have a lot of cars in queue to be worked on and doesn’t always result in fast repairs for yourself. But, always been taken care of and if you have them do the work, I’ve never been charged extra for “diagnostics”. Only if you take the vehicle elsewhere. Recently had som... Read More

Whites Auto Repair Center
Whites Auto Repair Center Reviews

Review: Im going to assume the changes Im customer service is due to covid. No one is ever there. I brought 3 family members to buy used cars for a week straight. For the mechanic side, well although they are great mechanics they are not open to public right now like they use to. They should just put a sign up right now if their modified hours and services. Hopefully things go back to normal soon. This is typically a great place. Read More

Nissan of Chattanooga East - Service & Repair Facility
Nissan of Chattanooga East - Service & Repair Facility Reviews

Review: They lied! To seal the deal 3 things were thrown in meaning free. We asked thats how we knew. Its been a long drawn out deal because the salesman was out for a little.over a month. Texted him personally he responded to meet with manager that he would deal with. He never denied or he neither agreed he gave us the stuff for free. But yea. Definetly make sure you you get a copy of whats going to be free. And make them show you. You cant trust anyone with their word anymore. He took advantage of me,... Read More

INFINITI of Chattanooga Service Department
INFINITI of Chattanooga Service Department Reviews

Review: Dealing with Service Department is the worse but it doesnt start off bad but will eventually end up bad. Jennifer, the service advisor comes off nice and helpful but quickly lies and manipulate situations when all youre trying to do is get your car serviced.I went in for brakes for 3rd trip ever to this dealership. I had an appointment set for 1030 am but did not leave until 230 pm. Jennifer told me that my new brake rotors and pads had to be ordered to come from around the city somewhere and wo... Read More

Blackwell Automotive Inc
Blackwell Automotive Inc Reviews

Review: *Writing this review for my father*My dear friend has been taking her car to your garage for all types of repairs and to keep it serviced properly for awhile. We always thought that you did quality work at competitive prices, but after her last visit we were very surprised and disappointed. Her AC stopped cooling so I was going to help her out with it, and when I was adding freon I noticed a leak. The compressor was working fine and it started cooling really well until it ran low on freon. She t... Read More

Integrity Chevrolet Service
Integrity Chevrolet Service Reviews

Review: They have awful customer service, rude finance people, and over all do not return phone calls. I bought a car from them in 2016 and they were so friendly and accommodating (which is why Im giving them 2 stars instead of 1). However I traded the car in for another one different dealer that is closer since I have moved and Steve the finance guy was rude when i tried to call to follow up that he had taken care of getting the refund from my GAP and service warranty. He spoke to me like I was a child... Read More

Smith Automotive Solutions - Hixson, Inc.
Smith Automotive Solutions - Hixson, Inc. Reviews

Review: Dont do business with, took vehicle in with engine light vacuum leak and to have flywheel replaced took over a week for repair, drove approximately 40 miles and engine light came on again. Called for another appointment due to the engine light and a vibration that wasnt in car on first service, left for 3 days and never look at the vibration and stated the engine light was due to another code,. Paid over $1300 on first visit then charged another $100.00 for diagnosis (previously had paid for two... Read More

BMW of Chattanooga - Service & Repair Facility
BMW of Chattanooga - Service & Repair Facility Reviews

Review: I took my BMW X5 for service. My car would intermittently have starting problems and I suspected that maybe it was a fuel pump problem. This suspition was indicated on the service request. NO check engine light came on. Upon diagnostic evaluation an error indicating a gas tank evacuation pump error was diagnosed and replaced at cost of ~ $1000.00. I was told the fuel pump was checked and was not the cause of my problem. Within 1 week the same starting problem occurred and eventually left me stra... Read More

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