Auto repair shop in Spokane

Wilde Automotive
Wilde Automotive Reviews

Review: Finding this business was like finding a soft sand beach and a margarita dispenser. Refreshing and relaxing. I try to do most of my own auto work, but diagnosing and repairing the AC system was going to be a step too far for my skills and frustration threshold. New to the area, I hadnt found a good shop to work with yet. Jessica and the team stepped up and provided excellent service, from helping me source OEM parts at less than the stealer prices, to expertly diagnosing the problem with my car ... Read More

Hills Automotive & Driveline Service
Hills Automotive & Driveline Service Reviews

Review: My husband and I have used Hills a bunch of times for multiple different vehicles. Ive even given them business by referring friends and family. Their mechanics are honest and will tell you exactly whats wrong and will give you the best advice for you as a customer. For example, one time I took my 89 Ford Probe there and asked about the oil leak. They told me NOT to fix it because it would create other problems. They were right because a few years later I ended up attempting to fix it and it des... Read More

Save More Automotive
Save More Automotive Reviews

Review: Save More Automobile did just that. They saved me a lot of money. Finally an honest and reliable shop I can trust to take my car when it needs fixing. Randy checked my car, couldnt find anything wrong with it, and didnt charge me a penny. I couldnt believe it. I am disabled. I have MS and bone marrow cancer and trying to survive on a fixed income so I cant tell you how much this kind gesture meant to me. But let me explain my situation a little for you to understand what I went through. While ru... Read More

Vandervert Automotive Services
Vandervert Automotive Services Reviews

Review: I highly recommend this place! We have been really happy after taking multiple vehicles here for years now. We have used them for automotive repairs as well as tires, and the work has always been solid. We never have to take the car back for follow up work after they do a fix. I LOVE that they’ll drive me to and from work while they work on my car, it’s great for making sure to get oil changes regularly - The convenience makes it so easy! I have a general mistrust for mechanics after some bad ex... Read More

North Hill Auto Repair
North Hill Auto Repair Reviews

Review: When our car broke down 5 days after arriving in Spokane from Iowa, I found North Hill auto on a whim. Im so glad that I did!! They got us in right away and got some MAJOR work done within 3 days (including the time it took to order parts!). Casey was so helpful and kept us updated the entire time. He took the time to explain what was wrong, what his plan was, and answered all of our questions. We got estimates up front, and prices were incredibly reasonable. Honest prices and great quality of w... Read More

Manito Automotive Technicians
Manito Automotive Technicians Reviews

Review: Manito Automotive tried to fix our our 1998 Toyota Landcruiser drivers side door latch and window panel. The first time they fixed the window , it would still not close completely and now the security alarm went off whenever we used the remote control key to open the door. After returning 2 times and spending over $1,000 on miscellaneous parts and repair, we were advised we needed to replace yet another expensive part in the door panel. ($500-600). We decided to just live with it.I then took it ... Read More

Mechanics Pride Tire & Automotive
Mechanics Pride Tire & Automotive Reviews

Review: More than great mechanics, they have great values. I cannot speak more highly of this place.A week or so ago I stopped to help somebody who was broken down on the side of the road a ways outside of town. This gentleman moved here somewhat recently on refugee status so unfortunately he did not yet speak English fluently. I am no mechanic so the couple obvious things I checked did not get his car running again. We picked our way through a conversation and settled on dropping him off at a mechanic’... Read More

C & H Foreign Auto Repair
C & H Foreign Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I called to schedule an appointment to get a newly purchased used car looked over on 7/3/2020. They scheduled me for 7/10/2020. I have an extended warranty that covers most repairs that my car would need with a $200 deductible including the repairs found by C & H Auto Repair. “Employee x” left me a voicemail that he had spoken with the extended warranty claims and said, everything should be covered and there would be no testing time needing to be paid as long as they found something covered by m... Read More

Downtown Auto Specialists
Downtown Auto Specialists Reviews

Review: Drive an e350. Went to get car code read and they said I had a cylinder misfire which was causing my check engine light to turn on. They kept the car over night and said around noon they would tell me more about what was wrong but when they called me they told me the same exact thing that the code reader said. I asked how much was the estimate and they said at least $1200 if they dont find anything else wrong which sounded wrong to me as if he was planning on doing something else to my car to ch... Read More

Mission Auto Repair
Mission Auto Repair Reviews

Review: The actual cost of the repair, was lower than the estimate given. That rarely happens lol Im extremely happy with my experience at this shop and they will definitely get my business in the future. Bonus... The guy was very cool, and the shop is in within walking distance of my house ☺️ lol Update 11/4/21: needed an urgent problem fixed, and I couldnt be happier! Fast, honest, and reasonably priced! BEST auto repair in Spokane😊 Read More

Five Mile Auto Center
Five Mile Auto Center Reviews

Review: Took my Nissan 300zx in here after I mis-installed my timing belt. They charged a $500 flat rate for the timing belt job, which was unecessary, since the valves in the engine were destroyed.They stated, after working on the car for a week, that an idler stud was broken and needed replacement. After all is said and done, I pick up my still broken car, and pay the shop for parts and labor (parts that werent even installed on the car, but I was refunded later for these after going in again later).A... Read More

Riverside Automotive and Transmission Repair
Riverside Automotive and Transmission Repair Reviews

Review: Yeah so I was trying to help the little guy and got screwed will go to a licensed specialist next time. After 3 months of being lied to I had to call the cops so I could pay for partial repairs and tow my truck away. The guy got irate when I asked for a receipt so I could pay and take my truck home, he said he had no time to write it when he had plenty of time to argue, he said I could not take it without paying even though I had the money. After paying a 1,000 dollars to get my truck back witho... Read More

Downtown Toyota Spokane Service Department
Downtown Toyota Spokane Service Department Reviews

Review: I drove 60 miles after making an appointment for safety Recall work to be done. At the time I made the appointment i was told to allow up to 3 hrs but it would probably be less. I arrived early for my 11:30 appointment And was told 2-3 hrs. It has now been over 4 hrs of waiting, no end in sight! At 2:30 i checked and they hadn’t even started yet. When i talked to the service rep i got No apologies except it was kind of overlooked.... But give them 45 minutes and it will be ready. When I finally ... Read More

Tune Tech
Tune Tech Reviews

Review: I took my 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche to Tune Tech as I was having a cold start and idle issue. I was told that the throttle body was bad because the end of a standard screwdriver could fit in the gap when closed. The throttle body was a week old at the time but I replaced it again as it was under warranty and was told it was faulty. The throttle body should never close completely shut as it needs some air at all times in order to fire the cylinders, after all you do need fuel, spark and AIR TO MAK... Read More

Patriot Automotive
Patriot Automotive Reviews

Review: My husband took my vehicle in there for a simple tune up.. The ONLY reason I am leaving a ONE star review is because there is no option for 0 star review. He took it in for a simple tune up.. then they started adding all this other stuff wrong with it to jack up the price. and AFTER they did that. he didnt even make it out of the driveway before the check engine light came on.. WHICH MIND YOU.. was not and has NEVER been on before that. THEN the dude test drove it to see.. and claims it is worki... Read More

Superior Auto Repair & Brake
Superior Auto Repair & Brake Reviews

Review: This place is legit. Honest people providing quality services at very reasonable prices . I highly recommend! Not many places here in Spokane will work on my WRX without over charging, but they get it done quickly and correctly every time. They are also great at giving advice on minor repairs for people who Are the do-it-yourself type. I’ll be coming back for sure. Recommended to all of my friends and family Read More

Gas Automotive Service
Gas Automotive Service Reviews

Review: So glad they came to the neighborhood! I had an older car with several concerns that I wanted addressed, but put off because I didnt know who to trust. I met Zach at a Garland business district meeting and decided to give them a try. Not was I glad I did! Nothing but excellence and honesty throughout the entire process. Highly recommend. Read More

Stanley Service Center
Stanley Service Center Reviews

Review: I love this shop for several reasons, but mainly because they are very honest and they have the best prices in all of Spokane. The customer service was excellent as well! I was given a quote and was happy with it, but they let me know they were able to complete the work in $100 less than expected! I will definitely be bringing my car to Stanleys in the future! Thank you Eric, Sam and Dave!! Read More

Hilliard Automotive
Hilliard Automotive Reviews

Review: Had my truck in for timing belt and water pump change out and asked them if they could also do a transmission service. They said not a problem. They called and said they test ran it and I could pick it up. I noticed the next day the transmission was slipping. I called them and they said bring it by to check the fluid level. I did and they found it to be low and had to some in and that probably had air bubble. Okay I accepted their expert opinion and off I went. It was still slipping and they sug... Read More

the 509 garage
the 509 garage Reviews

Review: So the rear brakes on Jeepy-Jeep (my kid named it) started making that ol rivets on metal sound a couple days ago. Day before yesterday I took her in to our neighborhood garage, and told Pat, the owner/mechanic, I think its time for brakes, man. Id like to get away with just one axle, but this is a keep my family safe thing, so whatever it needs. Just call me first so Ill know which credit card to bring. I just bought this Jeep a couple months ago. Its 12 yrs old so, thinking worse case scenario... Read More

Silver Star Automotive
Silver Star Automotive Reviews

Review: This is a long overdue review of the excellent service during and after I had some work done with this amazing establishment. I will never take for granted the treatment that I received from these guys.My experience was from getting my 1996 A4 serviced by these gentlemen. I needed some work and they came recommended by several people and I know why. Not only were they timely and professional they made sure that everything was completed even the small things like ensuring that all of my fluids we... Read More

2 Broke Guys Auto Repair
2 Broke Guys Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I went outside to start my car and it wouldnt turn over. Being a single mom, with little to no income, I freaked out. I started calling places, I was getting the same answers. Have it towed to us & well look at it in the next 3 days. I had to work Monday ( this happened on a Saturday ) and couldnt miss work. I called this place last, and was in tears. Not only did he stay calm on the phone, referred me to a great and affordable towing company, but promised to work on my car on his day off. DAY O... Read More

Tiny Car Shop Inc.
Tiny Car Shop Inc. Reviews

Review: From 500 miles away, I asked these folks to inspect a used car I was thinking of buying. Their inspection price was a little higher than others, but what I ended up getting for my money was head-and-shoulders better than any inspection Ive ever had. They left no stone unturned, took great photo details, and spent a long, long time on the phone with me explaining in detail what they found. Very professional, very friendly, and just plain great folks. Wish I lived closer, Id take them my cars to w... Read More

Rollin-On Repair
Rollin-On Repair Reviews

Review: Terrible service. This guy told me. I will lock youre vehicle in my shop over the weekend . I said yes that works if I had not allready paid for service charged me over $ 400 in additional fees without my written consent. In my personal opinion. Wayne is. A non trustworthy businessman my brake shoes were covered in leaking brake fluid he said. Ill just spray those off with brake clean . I said no the warranty on those Is now void , as the manager at NAPA confirmed , he ordered wrong parts , so I... Read More

Liberty Tire Pros
Liberty Tire Pros Reviews

Review: I cant believe this place has bad reviews.1) If you take your car in for repairs - (anywhere doesnt matter where) and they tell you a quote for the fix but then it becomes more expensive because they found other stuff wrong with your car while they were fixing it, thats life. Thats owning a vehicle.2) Instead of writing a bad review, thank the shop that found the extra issue and tip them for catching it before it caused more of a domino effect on your beloved engine.3) Get your car checked on re... Read More

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