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BMW of Montgomery
BMW of Montgomery Reviews

Review: [1] BMW of Montgomery was a waste of money and time. I took my 2011 BMW 328i in to fix my headlight (that was cracked just on the cover), to get new license plate lights ($180), and replace and install new tire pressure sensors. The only one I ended up fixing was my license plate lights because my wires got messed up. BMW of Montgomery wanted $1000 to fix the crack in my headlight cover. The reason for this was because they said they had to replace the entire headlight. Of course I declined this... Read More

Stivers Ford Lincoln
Stivers Ford Lincoln Reviews

Review: I do not usually write reviews, but this one was an unbelievably bad. I purchased a new vehicle from this stealership about a month ago.Finance and insurance utilized back-end sales tactics that I can only describe as less than transparent, less than honorable. They plant a seed in your mind that they are giving you something even better than what was originally negotiated. They deliberately make it sound as if what they give you is purely beneficial to you, then gloss over everything rapidly wi... Read More

Yonkers Auto Center
Yonkers Auto Center Reviews

Review: This is really going to sound crazy but I was coming home from the city very late and didnt realize that my car was running on fumes. Luckily, I got off at Yonkers Avenue from the Cross County Parkway, from the Saw Mill and found this gas station opened. Thank God and of course Mobile Gas too. There should be signs on the Saw Mill River Parkway to indicate that this gas station is here. Too bad the entire place was not open 24 hours, because I would have purchased something to eat or drink. Im r... Read More

Central Tire & Auto Repair of Yonkers
Central Tire & Auto Repair of Yonkers Reviews

Review: The company I work for had vans that needed to be serviced as they havent been in about a year. I researched this company as good trustworthy mechanics are hard to come by. I had each of my vans dropped off and I gave specific instructions to James to go over tooth to nail and let me know how much it will be to get this van in pristine fully working condition. After everything is said and done we spent about 8k getting our vans serviced. But each time we went to pickup our vans there were new is... Read More

Classic GMC Buick
Classic GMC Buick Reviews

Review: We had an appointment set just to change the bulbs to a brighter bulb in my 2012 GMC Acadia due to the fact that the standard bulbs just don’t emit enough light to drive safely at night. When we arrived Tony told us that they were at least two weeks behind and would not be taking any more appts ? Well we already had a confirmed appt. He informed that we should just change the entire headlight assembly, however our headlights are very clear? Two days later he called and said it would be 576 to ch... Read More

Mc Lean Auto Shop
Mc Lean Auto Shop Reviews

Review: McLean Autos is an AWESOME company!As someone who doesnt know much about cars, it is always a bit intimidating walking into a new place to get work done on my vehicle. I moved to Woodlawn about 4 years ago and have been to McLean Auto numerous times since moving in.I cant recommend this place enough. Mike and his team are some of the most honest people I have ever dealt with. Unlike many other auto mechanics, they have NEVER tried to get me to fix unknown issues at a high cost. In addition, they... Read More

G & J Auto Repair
G & J Auto Repair Reviews

Review: The owners of the Malayalee auto workshop did a very good job giving my car an oil change at a reasonable price, and also for filling my tires at no cost, and giving us windshield washer fluid for the windshield wipers at no cost as well. The owners have done an extremely excellent job. Very few car dealerships are playing it by the book, and are not charging you more for things that you didnt ask. I Highly Recommend This Place to anyone who wants to take his/her car repaired!! Read More

McLean Auto Center Corp
McLean Auto Center Corp Reviews

Review: Charlie is the most honest and competent mechanic I have ever had.My car was badly damaged during a recent flash flood. I had a hard time starting it but when it did start water came pouring out of the tailpipe. I was able to move the car a few feet but every warning light came on so I just left it and the next day the battery was dead. Charlie took care of everything from start to finish. He even had my car towed for me when I couldn’t be there.Charlie diagnosed the car In the hope that it coul... Read More

Jeco Automobile Repair
Jeco Automobile Repair Reviews

Review: Im from Canada. Had just arrived in town and had an issue with my brakes making noises. I quickly googled mechanics in the area with high ratings and called up Jeco. Owner said he could take me right away. I drove over, and the owner quickly diagnosed, gave me a fair quote, and serviced my vehicle quickly - while it was raining! Hard-working, honest, friendly, and fast. Im lucky I found them! Read More

C&R Of Yonkers Inc. Auto Repair
C&R Of Yonkers Inc. Auto Repair Reviews

Review: I took my car to this place going by their rating. I took my car to fix check engine light Code P0325, when drop off my car this was the only issues my car had. An hour later, Carlos “owner “ told me the charges will be $550 to fixed that problem. Hours later when it was time to pick up my car, Carlos called me saying he encounter another problem with my car and that another check engine light came on when he was test driving, he asked for me to pay an additional $150 for the piece that he had t... Read More

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