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Reviews (1)

Luo Cienega

The description of the work said "shifter cable malfunction", then it proceeded to list a "mis" It's hard to believe that the cost of the part and the cost of labor is $208 each, you would think that the part would have a source referenced where the cost came from and perhaps the labor would be calculated in something like cost per hour or something. My car was not able to shift gears when I dropped it off. There were no other issues. The check engine light is on when I turn the car on after picking it up. When you leave a car at a shop for an issue, then turn the car on, there is another issue. This is not complete work in my mind. When I drop my car off at the shop, it is to fix issues, not buy new ones. I spoke with the mechanic three days before I picked up the car and asked if everything was okay. There are no other issues? You all took it for a drive and made sure nothing was wrong. The answer I got was yes. It is all good. You can pick it up now. The check engine light was not mentioned. They should have told me that the check engine light was on. I feel like that is straight up dishonest. At least be honest and let me know what the issue is and if there is anything else that I should worry about, that is the reason you take a car to the shop. For their honest assessment, feedback, and disclosure of the issues with the customer. Customer service was negligent. I asked them to fix the issue after I realized the check engine light was on. They said between 5 and 10 minutes. I went back to the counter and was told that it would be $90 for them to look into it and that they couldn't get to it until two days. They checked the error code and said it could be one of 12 things. The mechanic looked into the issue more after the shop manager said there was nothing wrong and the car was fixed. It's beyond me how the manager could say that everything is fine and there are no issues when the check engine light came on. The shop technician showed me the error codes after I heard about the issue. Long story short, I appreciated that explanation. I am taken back by the dishonest and seemingly unfair operations of this establishment. I feel compelled to share and hope others do the same. I hope other people don't have to experience what I did because I feel like I was treated unfairly. I provided feedback five days ago and have not heard back.

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