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ICDI Diesel Repair

Address: 3808 E Central Ave, Spokane, WA 99217, United States
Phone: +1 509-315-4594
Reviews: 1
Overal Rating: Bad
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8AM–5:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–5:30PM
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Saturday 8AM–5:30PM
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Reviews (1)

Hare Pralle

I brought my truck in and explained to Ron what was going on and that I had already done a wet and dry compression test on my truck. All new push rods and rockers should be put in. I asked how long it would take and how much they would charge if I needed a new head. If I needed a knew head and Ron knew what was wrong, the cost would be $110. The office person told me they need to do a compression test, but I didn't hear from them again until Friday morning. The price went from $110.00 to $700.00 to fix my truck. They knew that a compression test was already done. They wouldn't be able to tell me if the head was bad because the bill was so high. I told them not to touch my truck. I already knew that the tech needed to do a mechanical compression test on it, so I was surprised when he told me that it was not a problem and that he had hooked it up to a computer. If a compression test on a 5.9 cummins doesn't show a problem, then my injectors are probably bad. I already told them that the compression was good and that the new Bosch injectors had been flow tested and refined by one of the best performance injector shops in the PNW. The technicians responded Oh! I didn't realize how much had already been done. If I left my truck, they would not be able to fix it because the repair bill would have been over $300,000. I was a Diesel mechanic for 26 years and I knew they were just trying to run the bill up and not touch my truck, so I went to pick it up. The true colors of my truck shone through when I picked it up. One of the techs decided to start yelling at me from their holding yard, calling me a lot of bad names. The little coward stood next to his buddy behind a fence and ran his little punk mouth, even though he wouldn't step off his property and say anything to my face. He said he owned the place, he looked a little young for that, but maybe his mom and dad own the place, the little punk Coward has spent his life running his mouth and then jumping under his mom's skirt to hide. I don't trust this business to work on anything as they will do anything they can to charge you as much as they possibly can. I went to them because I didn't have time to fix my own truck, but I am glad I was a diesel mechanic because they would have screwed me out of thousands of dollars if I hadn't brought my truck to them. This is an update. The truck I brought to the shop was a loose balancer. They didn't charge me after the five minute fix, I sent them 6 large pizzas, bread sticks and drinks the next day. This business will try to kill you off again. When they are caught trying to cheat you again, they will charge you a new engine at a cost of over 10 million dollars. How bad is this business? There was a problem with the truck. Another diesel shop charged me $60 for fixing the problem.

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