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Reviews (1)

Stacee Mulders

I took my car to tune tech because I was having a cold start. The end of a standard screwdriver could fit in the gap if the throttle body was bad. The throttle body was a week old when I replaced it, but I was told it was faulty. The throttle body needs air at all times in order to fire the cylinders, so it should never be completely shut down. I replaced the MAF sensor at the same time as I was told it was bad. The parts were under $400 and I did the work on my own. I was quoted $700 to do this job. Your saying this is worth $300? Both of these parts were fine and never needed to be replaced as they did nothing for the issues I was having. I took my truck to a mechanic who was willing to perform an actual diagnostic rather than just guess at what was going wrong. The truck had a lot of fuel on start up and needed more air on start up to fire. The composition sensor was the problem. I could have had this replaced for the cost I wasted on parts, and I asked them to reset the idle as I thought it might be the problem due to a new throttle body being installed. They told me that I don't need to touch the positive and negative battery cables, just connect them. After driving 100's of miles, I told them I already did this. This is not the best way to reset your computer as it could cause the computer to fry from electric shock. Not common but happens. The mechanic who figured out the issue with my truck plugged in his Scan tool and reset the idle and just like that one problem down and one to go in just under 1 minute of taking it into him. I wouldn't take my vehicle back to Tune Tech as I could have guessed the problem with my truck without spending $150 or more, which I did previously. I thought it would be best to take it to a professional so I didn't just keep wasting money on parts and labor, which I did exactly that at Tune Tech. They said on one review that the part needed to be replaced after being unsuccessful in removing the bolt. I don't think anyone with a little knowledge can guess what is wrong with a vehicle without having to pay someone to do it for you.

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