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Downtown Auto Specialists

Address: 430 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99202, United States
Phone: +1 509-588-0597
Reviews: 1
Overal Rating: Bad
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Thursday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Friday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Reviews (1)


You can drive an e350. I went to get my car code read and was told that my check engine light was on because of a cylinder malfunction. When they called me, they told me the same thing the code reader said, even though they kept the car over night. He said at least $1200 if they don't find anything else wrong, which sounded wrong to me as if he was planning on doing something else to my car to charge more. The coil part was only worth $70 and it was not difficult to change, so that was a huge rip off. I went to a small shop in the north and they said 600 would be enough to replace all 6 coils. If the mechanic at downtown auto had checked the engine, they would have noticed that one of the wires for the cylinder was not delivering electricity to the coil and that the coil did not need to be replaced.

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