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Break to the Border

Address: 73 Market Street, Yonkers, NY 10710, United States
Phone: +1 914-664-4444
Reviews: 1
Overal Rating: Excellect

Reviews (1)


I took the train to the city to do some shopping. I had a great day, did a lot of walking and shopping, and my last stop was to stock up on a few things. My shopping cart was full to the brim, my feet and corns were killing me, my gut was full of free samples, and it was time to head to the train station for my return trip home. George was my favorite driver, so I called Break to the Border to see if anyone was available. George loaded my treasures into his vehicle after arriving in a timely manner. The driver got me as close to the door as he could, reloaded my purchases into my cart and I was on my way. The ladies room was my first stop because I had a lot of samples and the train restrooms are terrible. I left my purse in the car when I went to find my wipes. I didn't have a purse, phone, money or wipes, but I did have an emergency $20 in my front pocket. I was close to myself. I was not sure what I was going to do when I got to the front door, but I saw George heading towards me with his shoulder bag slung over his shoulder. I wanted to run over to him and give him a hug and kiss, but I restrained myself because of social distance. I didn't notice my purse was on the floor until George stopped for a cup of coffee and I realized it was on the floor in the back. He went back to where he dropped me off. The experience turned into a great one. If I need a car, I will always call Break to the Border.

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