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Yonkers Discount Tire

Address: 594 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710, United States
Phone: +1 914-771-5800
Reviews: 1
Overal Rating: Bad
Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–12PM
Sunday Closed

Reviews (1)


I went in because my car inspection was about to end and I had to get to my usual place by late afternoon. There is a 6 minute drive from Ridgehill Mall to this location. The man on the phone warned us that if we didn't arrive before 4:30, he wouldn't be able to do it. Even though an inspection for a 2 year old car takes no more than 10 minutes, they close at 5 pm. We arrive and there are two guys, one older sitting at a desk and the younger opening the gates to let us in. The younger guys warm up and let us know to take our registration to the man at the desk so he can start the inspection. He wanders around the shop looking for what he needs to start his inspection, then he uses a machine to check tire pressure, starting with the front tires and moving toward the back tires. He walked over to the desk and said that the tires in the front should be changed. I thought he was just mentioning it to us. I told him that the car is a lease and that I will be returning it within a month or so. He started to preach that if I take the car back with those tires, they will charge me double, even triple, what they are worth. I told him no thank you, and then he said he couldn't pass me because it's raining outside and it's too dangerous to leave with the tires. I can sniff out a liar pretty quickly, and I thank them for their time wasted, I will go somewhere else. They both said that no one will pass my car. I went to my trusted business to get my inspection the next day because I didn't want to waste either party's time. They laughed and reassured me that I have plenty of life on the front tires, if they change that quality about them. I feel indebted to let people know that I don't support small business. I will never go back to that shop again. Good luck.

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