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Central Tire & Auto Repair of Yonkers

Address: 51 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705, United States
Phone: +1 914-966-0002
Reviews: 1
Overal Rating: Bad
Monday 7:30AM–6PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–6PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–6PM
Thursday 7:30AM–6PM
Friday 7:30AM–6PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Sunday Closed

Reviews (1)

Elmina Defosses

I work for a company that has vans that need to be serviced as they haven't been in a while. Good trustworthy mechanics are hard to come by. I let James know how much it would cost to get this van in pristine working condition after I dropped off each of my vans. We spent about 8k on getting our vans serviced after everything was said and done. Each time we went to pick up our vans, there were new issues that weren't addressed and James continued to promise that there would be no more issues. When we picked up the car, there were check engines lights on the dashboard that weren't on when we dropped it off. I think we got the run-around with these guys. I was looking to build a relationship with this company. We made James aware of the issue when we dropped the car off because the door latch was not functioning properly. Since we had done so much business with him, he wouldn't charge us. The issue was not fixed after my driver inspected the car. James called to inquire about this after my driver notified me. He told me to get our vans off of his property and not to come back. We were billed 65 dollars for what I am not sure. This was completely out of place. When using this mechanic, please be careful.

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